Responsive email designs- An effective Email Marketing Strategy

With email marketing gaining more popularity, it has become mandatory to design responsive emails effectively, so that your email is viewed well in all devices i.e. Computer, laptop, mobile or even a tablet. This is the world of smart phones and people complete most of their businesses activities while on the move. In this blog, I would like to explain what a Responsive email design is, it’s important features and benefits.

What is Responsive email design?

            Responsive Web Design or email design is actually a special feature used by designers and developers to create optimal viewing experience in various devices like computer, Mobile and tablet.

A recent research has predicted that about 60% of the US residents by 2014 will access emails via mobile. So has the demand for responsive email design risen. The best part of responsive email web design is that it enables viewing or reading an email in any device anywhere and anytime. Even though the email is displayed in different screen, the screen resolution is recognized, and the message gets recomposed to fit any frame. There is no need of any resizing, panning and scrolling.

How should a responsive email design be designed?

  • Make the design and message screen friendly and user friendly.
  • See to it that the vertical and horizontal layouts are carefully arranged.
  • Make sure that all key details are arranged well.
  • Be sure that the mobile email links are carefully directed to mobile friendly landing pages.
  • Let the navigation be easy. Make sure all the buttons are large and user friendly.
  • Don’t put any content that are not useful to mobile users.
  • Find out what your customers want and give them the best.
  • Integrate click to call buttons or contact us buttons to enable customers to call you immediately.

Responsive Emails is an innovative approach to email marketing that builds strong relationship with customers. They keep your customers well informed of what you do. Nowadays with a boom in mobile technology, with the increase in no of smart phone users responsive emails have become more popular. Get a Responsive Email designed and benefit from it.

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